About us

Fresh Ingredients and a Genuine Passion

f Little Mumbai is a collaboration of Indian Chefs who always wanted to serve authentic Indian recipes which reflect true Indian cuisine. They have a vast culinary experience whether it is at the best Mumbai hotels or some of the best London restaurant addresses to include Chutney Mary, Bombay Brasserie, Veeraswamy, Masala Zone, to name a few as well as The Landmark Hotel and Brown's Hotel.

Here at Little Mumbai, we are committed to keeping the authenticity of our recipes and combine that with the best local British produce to create flavours which are simply very unique to us. We use quality fresh produce to create the vibrant flavours that will surely please your palate. Our recipes use either quality fresh English Lamb for our recipes which are evident in the tender texture of the meat and flavour. Only fresh chicken breast (no cheaper leg meat used) is cooked in the Tandoor before its put in the curries gives a soft texture and a pleasantly mild smokiness to our dishes. Only fresh Scottish Salmon used for our recipes as well.

We offer you a great selection of unique Indian dishes, traditional Indian regional selections, Tandoori seafood and meats, prepared as per authentic recipes and spiced to your preference. 

Try our exclusive Wine list and Speciality Gin & Tonics. 

Check out our menu for the best Indian food around.